Monday, May 27, 2013

Sex Offenders After Prison

What should happen with sex offenders after the initial prison sentence? Keeping that answer as PG as possible can be hard depending on the person that is asked and the offense that the person did. I have heard about these trailer parks in Florida that contain sex offenders, and there are signs posted that say children keep out. Now I don't know if this actually exists or not, but I do think that it is an okay idea. Why? Well because then we aren't having messages sent to our phones and our e-mails from the watchdog programs that let us know about people moving in and out of our neighborhoods. Don't get me wrong, I am one of those that has such messages being sent to me. And I am also a strong advocate that when it is Halloween night that sex offenders are locked into a gym during trick or treat hours. Now sex offenders are saying that is unconstitutional. Again the Constitution being used for something that it wasn't written for, but that is another blog in itself entirely.

While reading Chapter 7, it mentioned sex offenders after prison in the "A Closer Look"  box on page 203. And I found it a little disturbing that so much money is being used for "treatment" for these people. Granted they may need it, but why can't they get some of it in regular prison? Is it because more time is focused on keeping the reason that they are in prison in the first place secret from the other prisoners? That shouldn't be our problem to be quite honest with you. People that touch a child sexually have a problem that I don't think that any amount of therapy can fix. This need or desire is embedded in them and I feel that it is only a matter of time before they commit the crime again, but this time they will kill the child. Too many of our children are being hurt this way. I don't think that there is rehabilitation for men or women even that commit crimes like this.

"Treating a criminal until they are longer a threat" (Banks, 2013, p. 203) is a tool that has no reasonable measurement to me. Until they are no longer a threat means what, until they actually understand that it is wrong to touch a child like that or to hurt a child sexually, or is it until they are longer physically unable to do such harm because they are too old, as it was mentioned that a 102 year old man was still in such a facility that rehabilitates sex offenders. I think that before programs like this are established to spend more taxpayers money, the answer of can a sex offender be rehabilitated needs to be answered. If the answer comes back and it is factually based that they can be, then start the program in more areas. If no such answer exists yet, then these offenders should remain in prison in general population.

Banks, C. (2013). Criminal Justice Ethics Theory and Practice (3rd ed., p. 203). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc